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Floraderm is based on over 35 years of research. It contains seven strains of beneficial acidophilus flora that are essential for optimal digestion and healthy skin. The beneficial properties of these friendly bacteria, based on research documented in internationally reputable journals, are as follows:

1) Production of enzymes such as proteases and lipases, which digest proteins and fats respectively. Also produces lactase, which can alleviate lactose intolerance.

2) Production of B vitamins which are bio-catalysts in food preparation.

3) Production of the natural antibiotics Acidophilin (which has been patented) and Bulgarican.

4) Inhibition of the growth of 23 toxin producing organisms. Therefore, Floraderm may help reduce the occurrence of diarrhea and urinary and vaginal infections.

5) Helps enhance calcium metabolism, which may be related to their cholesterol-lowering and anticarcinogenic effects.

6) Helps to reduce serum cholesterol levels.

7) Helps to alleviate dermatitis and other skin disorders by modifying and improving gastrointestinal microbial balance.

8) Aids in the production and/or augmentation of immune bodies (such as white blood cells) and their functions.

We would add to this list that some of our customers have reported noticeable improvements in sleep quality from using Floraderm. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that 95% of serotonin in the body is produced in the intestines. Serotonin is required for sleep, therefore a healthy balance of intestinal flora would enhance sleep quality as well as mood.

Floraderm’s success in achieving the above results depends in large part on its ability to tolerate stomach acid, bile salts, and other conditions in the GI tract. An exclusive manufacturing process enables its strains of beneficial bacteria to thrive and multiply in the GI tract, as well as to survive packing, shipping, and storage.

For the past 20 years, as part of an ongoing research program, more than 155 acidophilus products were examined. About 80% of the samples did not measure up to the numerical claims on their label. In fact, almost 50% did not even have 10% of the claimed number of live bacteria. Several products contained undesirable or even pathogenic organisms. Floraderm, however, has been rigorously produced to meet the highest standards and to deliver the full complement of beneficial bacteria to the consumer.

Supplement facts: Each capsule contains 2.5+ billion CFU live micro-organisms. No articifical color, flavors, or other ingredients have been added. Dark specks are natural stabilizers which enhance this product.

Suggested dose: 1-2 capsules with meals. Those with severe skin disorders can take up to 4-5 capsules with meals. Keep bottle tightly closed and refrigerated. 100 capsules for $29.95. Please note that we cannot ship this product outside of the US.

"I take Floraderm because it helps me sleep. I think I've been serotonin deficient throughout my life, because I have suffered from both depression and insomnia. I noticed an almost immediate improvement in sleep quality and ease of falling asleep from taking Floraderm. I've experimented with stopping and starting, and there is a definite effect from using Floraderm, which I haven't noticed from taking other probiotics, even Primal Defense." -- Cindy Greene, Tampa, FL






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