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*Syclovir, aka YEAST CONTROL
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Syclovir (now named YEAST CONTROL by manufacturer World Health Mall) is an MFG (marine food grade) compound that may absorb 1,000 times its own weight by volume of bacteria, parasites, viruses and toxins. It safely contains them so the body can easily eliminate them by passing them through the bowels thus enabling the body to heal itself. Bathing in this product also helps relax and detoxify the body through the skin. In addition, a paste may be made of the powder which can then be topically applied to rashes, lesions, and insect bites. Customer feedback on this product has been excellent.*

One of the base ingredients in Syclovir/YEAST CONTROL is made from unique diatoms (a type of plankton) specifically processed for human consumption. This crystalline powder is a pH balanced, buffered, absorbent compound 100% safe. Syclovir/YEAST CONTROL is non-toxic and has no reported adverse side effects. The product does not cure anything. However, users worldwide report that it efficiently targets viruses, parasites, worms, candida and toxins, etc, allowing the body to heal itself.*

The primary use of this product is to support of the body's need to remove FUNGUS/YEAST from not only the gut but the whole body. Bloating, hypoglycemia, diabetes, cold hands and feet, anemia, brain fog, ringing ears, itchy ears or nose are but a few of the symptoms of fungus overgrowth. Trusted sources have told us that "Syclovir is unmatched" when it comes to getting rid of candida.*

IMPORTANT--for those who have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and other conditions involving chronic viruses: If your body is carrying a large "pool" of chronic, low-level viruses, and you take Syclovir, you may experience strong viral upsurges. (Apparently, viruses can "hide out" in the "fungal soup" of candida overgrowth.) In such cases we recommend that you first deal with the viruses by using Ultra 1,2 and 3 (also listed in the CFS/Candida section). Then proceed to Syclovir. Specific instructions will be sent with the Ultra 1, 2 and 3; however usually taking one dose of each per day for 4 days is sufficient.*

A jar of Syclovir contains 12 ounces of powder and will normally last 3-4 weeks. Improvement should be seen within the first jar if directions are followed (this includes eating a low glycemic diet for one month). For severe cases of candidiasis, 90 days of usage may be required. Can be taken with or between meals; however, should be taken at a different time from medications, probiotics, or other supplements.*

Please see our articles on Yeast and Fungus Overgrowth for more information on candidiasis. Click here for testimonials about Syclovir.

Contains: A proprietary blend of MFG diatoms, certified Kosher distilled vinegar and exfoliate grade pure cane sugar. [Sugar in formula is required to "lure" candida out of the intestinal walls so that Syclovir can absorb them.]*

$43.00 for a 12 oz. jar. (please note, due to weight, for International, an additional shipping charge may be charged separately for this product)






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