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Cal/Mag Plus with Vitamin D 2000 IU and Vitamin K-2 MenaQ7

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Cal/Mag Plus with Vitamin D 2000 IU and Vitamin K-2 MenaQ7

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This unique formula combines the new recommended maintenance dose of 2000 IU of Vitamin D, with calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K-2. For the past decade the role of vitamin K-2 has been linked to the two of the most important health issues, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.*
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The general name of vitamin K comprises not only of one molecule, but also of two classes of molecules. The coagulation vitamin K1 is only one molecular form – phylloquinone – while K-2 represents family related molecules – the menaquinones. The MenaQ7® brand belongs to the menaquinone family of K-2 molecules, which recent year's studies have proven to be the optimal vitamin K-2 due to its superb bioavailability and biological activity. MenaQ7® is the brand name of NattoPharma of Norway, (patents pending). Current research indicates that Calcium in the citrate/malate form is better absorbed than traditional forms of Calcium.
Vitamin K-2 is presently the hottest and most interesting vitamin of this decade. Its function is unique among other vitamins and its beneficial effects on health have clearly been documented. Vitamin K-2 has an unequivocal role as a cofactor for the enzyme gammaglutamyl carboxylase, an enzyme which activates specific glutamate amino acids within certain proteins, the so-called ‘Gla-proteins’- especially osteocalcin in bones and matrix-gla protein in vascular smooth muscle cells. In the absence of vitamin K-2 uncarboxylated species of Gla-proteins are formed, which are biologically inactive – meaning they are not correctly charged to optimally bind calcium. Lack of sufficient amounts of vitamin K-2 strongly influences how the body tackles calcium. Bones get depleted of calcium while arteries and cartilage become calcified.
MenaQ7® is the only natural vitamin K2 extracted from Natto. MenaQ7® contains K-2 as menaquinone-7, the long chained K2 vitamin molecule offering superior bioavailability and health effects in low doses.*

Serving size: 6 capsules
Servings per container: 30

Amounts per Serving:

Vitamin D-3 (as Cholecalciferol) 2000 IU
Vitamin K-2 (as K2-M7 MenaQ7®) 45 mcg
Calcium (as calcium Citrate/Maleate) 1000 mg
Magnesium (as Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate) 500 mg
Other ingredients:
vegetarian capsule, L-leucine

MenaQ7® is the brand name (of NattoPharma of Norway, patents pending) for menaquinones-7 or MK-7.

Available Size: 180 caps

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Manufacturer Metabolic Maintenance, NNFA GMP-certified

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