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  1. Syclovir, aka YEAST CONTROL


    Apr. 10, 2014: The inventor/supplier just raised our price by $4.00/jar. We are sorry, but we must do the same. Thank you for understanding. We believe Syclovir (now named YEAST CONTROL by manufacturer World Health Mall) to be the most powerful and effective product currently available for targeting candida overgrowth. Holistic doctors of our acquaintance call it "awesome" and "unmatched" for those with candadiasis. It may also be helpful in cases of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and toxins. YEAST CONTROL's cleansing action is so powerful that it has been used by in detox situations for drug, alcohol, and tobacco addictions. Syclovir/YEAST CONTROL contains a crystalline powder which can absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in bacteria, yeast, and other pathogens. Absorbed pathogens are passed out of the body, therefore die-off is generally not a problem.* 11 oz. jar will last 3-4 weeks. [For more information please see below.]  
    [The Yeast Beast]

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  2. Thyroid Glandular


    Our best selling product, THYROID COMPLEX, stimulates and supports the thyroid gland to make thyroid hormone. Some people with low thyroid (hypothyroid) have thyroid glands which cannot make thyroid hormone, or they have had their thyroid glands irradiated, or even removed.*
    These capsules, THYROID 130, (90 capsules per bottle, take 1-2 a day) contain 130 mg of dried (desiccated and lyophilized) raw (not an extract), pure bovine (beef) thyroid gland.
    This product is from a world leader in glandular products, Priority One Nutritional Supplements.

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  3. Vitamin D-3

    Vitamin D-3 is essential if you're serious about bone health. More active in this regard than regular Vitamin D, the major function of D-3 is to increase calcium absorption from the intestine and promote bone formation and mineralization. A general recommendation is 1000 IU per day with whatever form of calcium you are taking, especially if you live above the 40th parallel. The country’s leading group of pediatricians is recommending that children receive double the usually suggested amount of vitamin D because of evidence that it might help prevent serious diseases. To meet the new recommendation of 400 units daily, millions of children will need to take vitamin D supplements each day, the American Academy of Pediatrics said. That includes breast-fed infants — even those who get some formula — and many teenagers who drink little or no milk.* (A bottle of 90 400 IU capsules. Will last 6 weeks at 2/day.) [For more information please click on picture]
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  4. Vitamin D-3 High Dose (D3-5000)

    Recent articles from mainstream medicine in the mainstream media have reinforced observations made by the nutrition community for some time now that there is rampant Vitamin D-3 deficiency worldwide. There are 3 causes:
    Lack of sunlight
    Dietary deficiency
    Farming practices
    As a prolonged ‘vitamin D winter’, centered on the winter solstice, occurs at many temperate latitudes, 5000 IU (125 mcg) of vitamin D/day may be required in obese, aged and/or dark-skinned patients to maintain adequate levels during the winter.*

    250 capsules from Bio-Tech; 5000 IU cholecalciferol from fish oil. [For more information please click on picture]

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  5. L-Tyrosine (NOW Foods)

    Tyrosine is essential for the production of thyroid hormone, and plays an important role in the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. This product may also be helpful for weight loss through healthy metabolism, and for increased energy, mood enhancement, and mental clarity.* 120 500 mg. capsules. Take 1-3 capsules daily, preferably between meals with juice. [For more information please click on picture]

    "I must tell you about the amazing result to my illness that has baffled the doctors for many years. I have been taking L-Tyrosine for two weeks and feel like a new person, I had to give up my job due to extreme fatigue and Fibromyalgia, but since taking the above supplements I feel amazing. My husband and myself can not thank you enough. You have given me my life back." Lynne, Wales, UK

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  6. Selenium


    Selenium is absolutely essential for proper thyroid function. One of its functions is to help the body convert the inactive form of thyroid hormone to the active form. Selenium may also have a protective effect against Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. We recommend using selenium if you are taking Prolamine Iodine; however it is no longer needed if you are taking Thyodine. Click on the following link to read an informative article on Interactions Between Selenium and Iodine.* (180 200 mcg. capsules of selenomethionine. Will last 6 months.) [For more information please see below.]

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  7. A. 3A Magnesia

    This tiny tablet makes other colon products obsolete. 3A Magnesia will help keep you regular day after day, with no fiber bulk and no herbal irritants to cause cramping and discomfort. We have found 3A Magnesia to be safe, gentle, and effective even for the most stubborn cases of constipation. Also a good source of magnesium.* (100 tablets; take 2 at night for daily regularity, or 6 tablets for occasional overnight relief.) [For more information please see below] Learn More

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