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WOMENS HEALTH SALE! ends DEC 31, 2022. The best natural estrogen, progesterone, and Maca products to relieve peri-menopausal symptoms. Some of our lowest prices ever on time-tested and trusted products for Women.

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  1. EST

    This elegant white cream contains natural progesterone and natural phytoestrogens. A rare find, EST is based on a phytoestrogen equivalent of bi-estrogen with natural progesterone. It is formulated for quick absorption into the skin with superior bioavailability. Two ounce tube, a one month supply.* [For more information please click on picture]
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  2. Progesterone Cream (Liposomal)

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    The makers of RESTORED BALANCE unexpectedly close their business, and that product is not longer available. After much research we offer in it's place NATURAL PROGESTERONE LIPOSOMAL CREAM. Highest quality from NOW FOODS. Natural Progesterone Cream from Wild Yam and balancing herbs to support natural levels. Scent-free, 20 mg natural progesterone per pump. 1 full pump dispenses about 1.3 g of cream, providing 20 mg of USP Progesterone. This container (3.0 oz.) yields approximately 65 pumps. Rotate application between abdomen, hands and thighs. Use 1x or 2x daily. For external use only.
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  3. Progestacare Plus

    This pure, chemical-free cream combines bio-identical natural progesterone with the highest quality all natural phytoestrogens. The convenient, reasonably priced pump tube dispenses an average dose with one press and contains four ounces of cream (twice that of similar products). Lasts about two months.* [GET A FREE 1 oz. TRIAL SIZE of PROGESTACARE, a $6.50 value, AS LONG AS SUPPLIES LAST! For more information on Progesta-Care Plus, please see below]
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  4. DIM Plus

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    The National Cancer Institute states that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Don't be a statistic! DIM Plus can be a powerful aid to breast health. This product contains DIM, a concentrated nutrient found in vegetables such as broccoli and kale. Scientific research shows that DIM supports healthy estrogen metabolism, increasing the level of "good" estrogens and decreasing the level of "bad" estrogens. Many researchers believe that it is the build-up of "bad" estrogens in the body which can eventually lead to cancer. DIM Plus contains BioResponse DIM, a patented, enhanced bioavailablitity delivery system for DIM. 60 capsules, will last one month. [For more information please see below.]

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  5. CAMU CAMU (Swanson)

    Camu, which is derived from a rainforest fruit, contains more natural Vitamin C than any other known botanical in the world, and is extremely rich in anthocyanins. Vitamin C and anthocyanin compounds ( Valine, Potassium, Leucine, Serine, flavonoids, Gallic Acid, Ellagic Acid) are powerful antioxidants that function as potent free radical scavengers*. It promotes a profound sense of well-being and energy and, like all potent Vitamin C products, helps raise serotonin levels in the brain. Camu also helps to maintain a healthy immune system and a healthy heart and lungs. Researcher Gary Null lists Camu as second on a list of herbs with mood enhancing properties, and first on a list of herbs which strengthen the body's defenses against the herpes virus.* Sixty 500 mg. (100 mg. vitamin C) Camu Camu 4:1 Extract Veggie Caps. Learn More

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