We offer this page of testimonials for your interest and reading pleasure.  We do emphasize, however, that no one product works for everyone, and that these testimonials are not an implication of the results that you will receive.  Thyodine is not the product of choice for every single person with low thyroid function--although it does have the highest success rate we know of with any natural thyroid product.  

Note:  Customers sometimes ask us whether Thyodine has helped people with their hair loss.  The answer is yes.  We have heard from a number of customers who told us that their hair was growing thicker after using Thyodine.  They reported that hair regrowth took longer than the reversal of other hypothyroid symptoms, though--at least several months before it was noticeable.


"The difference between Thyodine and other thyroid products is like night and day."  --  E. M., Elmore, AL


"I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 47 years of age.  I had the classic symptoms-- increased body weight, constipation, and fatigue... The doctor wanted me to start hormone replacement (Synthroid) but I refused, and not before I researched to see if there was a natural cure.  The Thyroid Foundation of America told me there was nothing that could be done and that there was no known cure... I ordered this product, and began by taking 2 tablets daily.  Within one month's time, I noticed a change and the symptoms were easing away.  I also was losing weight--20 lbs. in 2 1/2 months!  I underwent a blood test for T3, T4, and TSH on 10/18/2001 and my Thyroid is at normal after only 2 1/2 months of using your product!!!"  --  David Crew, Bear, DE   Return to Top of Page


"I used Synthroid for 15-20 years.  As time went on, I had progressively more and more hypothyroid symptoms. The depression was particularly bad, and my memory was deteriorating.  It got to the point where I could not function due to these problems.  When I heard about the class action suit against Synthroid, I went onto Armour Thyroid instead.  I felt better on Armour, but still had depression and other symptoms and didn't feel healthy.  Finally I heard about Thyodine.  As soon as I began taking it, I felt myself getting well and my hypothyroid symptoms began to diminish.  Now I take 2 tablets daily and have a whole new life.  I have the energy to exercise every day, which I never had before, and with the help of a weight loss program have lost 10 pounds.  Best of all, nothing depresses me any more!  My doctor is very impressed with what Thyodine has done for me."  --  R. Rudner, Spotsylvania, VA   Return to Top of Page 


"My husband was on a very high dose of Synthroid. Despite taking so much, his temperature was very low --only 93--and after eating or exercise, it would go down to 92! He was so fatigued that he could barely even get out of bed. He also had a crowd phobia and didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. But his TSH tests always came back as normal.

He went off the Synthroid and started taking 2 Thyodine per day. Now, after 1 month, his temperature has gone up to 97. He has much more energy and is up and working. His crowd phobia also seems to have disappeared. We just went to a big party. He did fine and enjoyed himself.

Both of us used to have very dry skin. Now, even in the summer heat, it is moist and soft. It used to be that our skin was always dry no matter how much lotions we used. I also feel more energy and have been waking up at 6:30 in the morning ready to go.-- -- A.D., Bountiful, UT   Return to Top of Page


"I am 37 years old and lead a very active life.  However, in the past year I gained 30 pounds.  My doctor said there was nothing wrong, but I wasn't convinced, so I started doing my own research.  I found your web site and started taking Thyodine.  I've been using it for 4 months and have lost 41 pounds.  Thank you so much!"  --  J.D., Seminole, FL   Return to Top of Page


"I was on Synthroid for 10 years. I gained weight on Synthroid and felt more fatigued, and also had mood swings. On Thyodine, and am less fatigued, and my appetite is less. I lost 10 lbs. in 2 months. I'm no longer depressed, and I'm better able to cope with life and my work environment. This is the best I've felt since my kids were little."  --  B.N., PA   Return to Top of Page


"Hello, I have just discovered you.  I ordered Thyodine, have been taking it for about 3 weeks, I can really tell the difference.  I had been on Synthroid for over 30 years.  I also have been able to lose 6 lbs. in the three weeks.  Before this it was a constant struggle and still I gained weight.  I know the Thyodine will not [directly] cause me to lose weight, but it seems to allow my dieting and exercise to work."  --  V.B., Plano, TX   Return to Top of Page


"Dear Elora, I don't know if you remember that I ordered some Thyodine about a month ago, and it arrived in about two days to England! I am writing because I am starting to wonder if what I am experiencing could be as a result of taking the Thyodine. I feel so much stronger, both physically and emotionally. I feel that I could take on the world and not run and hide as usual. I am also more mentally alert, all my home bills are filed and paid on time, nothing is out of place any more. I used to get reminders all the time. I know exactly what I'm spending every day on food, etc., I'm keeping track of everything.

My house is tidy, I have a routine for housework and I can't stand a mess now, before I couldn't be bothered until things looked really bad. My skin is improving, I have an interest in how I look and have been applying creams, etc. Before I could hardly be bothered to put my make-up on. I have also lost about 5 lbs--not even trying to diet.

I can't believe that all this is the result of the Thyodine but I haven't changed anything else. Before I thought it was NORMAL to feel the way I did, everything so confusing and such a drag."  --  Amanda Boulton, England   Return to Top of Page


"I have been hypothyroid for about ten years. My symptoms were depression, hair loss, cold and clammy feeling, irregular menstrual periods, low body temperature, dry skin, constipation, and fatigue. Only July 23, 2001 my thyroid function was 13.7, that is considered very hypothyroid. After five months of taking Thyodine, as of April 18, 2002, it is within the normal range at 2.03. It took just three bottles and two-thirds of another!  

I am so thankful that I found this website and the wonderful product Thyodine. I feel so much better than I did. Thank-you! Elora for helping people find the help they need. I tell everyone I know about this." -- D. M., Houston, TX   Return to Top of Page 


"I really appreciate your company.  The information provided on your website has been life changing for me.  To date, the medical profession has been unable to tell me why I feel tired all the time.  However, I found all I needed to know within minutes of reading your articles on the Major Hormones.  I've taken the information about an under active Thyroid to my doctor.  Unfortunately, I do not show up on the TSH test and my doctor will not treat me at all.  Within a month of taking Thyodine, I noticed MANY positive changes in my health.  I just wanted to say thank you.  It is so wonderful to be able to access information that helps you take charge of your own life and health.  Otherwise, I would be limited to inaccurate science that leaves me with debilitating exhaustion and a seemingly unending stream of illnesses.  I am not yet 35 and look forward to having a healthy energetic life.  Without this knowledge and product, I'm not sure that I would have even gotten this far.  Thanks again. "   - C.S., Alexandria, Virginia   Return to Top of Page

"I'm taking 2 Thyodine every day and 1 Thyroid pill (prescribed) every other day. I feel great--lots of vitality!"  --  P.K., Long Beach, CA   Return to Top of Page


"I was hypothyroid and put on Synthroid with awful results--I had heart palpitations and felt terrible. My doctor changed the prescription to Armour but I still couldn't achieve a "steady state"; I would get very spacey within a few hours of taking the first dose. Then came the onset of crippling depression. I felt totally removed from life, as if I were on another planet. I was truly desperate and was sure that my thyroid was contributing to this situation. I have been amazed at the effects of the Thyodine. I stopped the Armour and began taking 2 Thyodine per day. Within 4-5 days I was so excited. I felt as if the world had suddenly come back into focus and that I had my brain back again. My depression has also lifted. I've been under all sorts of stress at work yet I can make decisions and handle stressful situations as necessary. Thank you so much!"  --  C. J., Lexington, KY   Return to Top of Page


"My wife and I are both 57 years old. She was on Synthroid for 14 years. It was really dragging her down. She had headaches and hot and cold sweats, and was very sluggish. The doctors kept checking her blood tests and said she was fine, but she didn't feel good at all.

I had been on Levo-thyroxine [a generic form of Synthroid]. I couldn't get Levo-thyroxine any more and figured I would have to go on Synthroid, but I wanted to avoid this if possible. We got the Thyodine 3-4 weeks ago. Within 1 week I noticed a big difference, for my wife it took 1 1/2 weeks.  

On the Synthroid, my wife was having vivid, upsetting dreams at night. All that went away. She rests so much better now, in fact she sleeps like a log. I had only been getting 4-5 hours sleep every night but now I sleep much better and can sleep 8 hours or more when I want to.  

My wife was really nervous about trying Thyodine. But now her headaches and sweats have gone away. She stopped the Synthroid and began taking 2 Thyodine per day. I would highly recommend Thyodine for anyone with thyroid problems. It gets you away from the doggone doctors and prescriptions, because all they know how to do is treat the symptoms anyway. We both feel better than we have for a long time."  --  R. R.   Return to Top of Page


 "I just wanted to let you know that I received my order of Thyodine Friday, Feb. 22. I started it immediately. I have been taking 2 a day and I can already tell a great improvement in the way I feel. I am so glad I found your company and this product! Thank you!"  --  C.S., South Fulton, TN   Return to Top of Page


"I don't ever want to stop taking Thyodine. I have felt better lately than I have in a long time. I had approached three doctors about being hypothyroid, and had no help at all. My blood tests were all 'borderline'. Anyway, I decided to handle the problem myself, & after trying a couple of other products without relief have been overjoyed with Thyodine... I've had increased energy, my skin isn't flaking off, & I've dropped between 12 & 15 lbs. without any effort... no diet (well, I'm conscientious to start with) & no change in exercise/activity."  --  J.F., Manvel, TX   Return to Top of Page


"I was depressed for a long time, and could not lose weight no matter what I did--nothing worked.  I kept going to doctors and they always told me my thyroid was normal.  But I felt it wasn't normal.  Finally I found your web site.  My doctor had put me on a high dose of Wellbutrin for the depression, 300 mg./day.  I quit the Wellbutrin the same day I got the Thyodine.  Within about a week I felt better.  I started out taking two Thyodine per day, and I could tell it was helping but not quite enough.  I increased my dosage and went to 4 per day.  After a while I reduced down to 2 again, and am maintaining just great at that amount.  Now I've been on Thyodine for 6 weeks.  I have lost 10 lbs. and am still losing.  My energy has increased, I feel great, I now feel like doing things where I didn't before.  One other thing is that previously, I couldn't sleep at night.  I was up and down constantly.  Now I sleep really well.  

The Wellbutrin had totally killed my sex drive.  Now my sex drive has come back even better than before.  Also, before taking Thyodine I was not only depressed but so grouchy that my kids were afraid to talk to me or ask me anything.  Now my mood has improved 100%.  My husband just tells me not to stop taking those wonderful pills!"   --  D.E., El Dorado, TX   Return to Top of Page


"I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over a year ago and my doctor prescribed Synthroid.  I did not take the product after learning out about the side effects.  I then read about Thyodine on the internet and have been taking it for several months and my recent thyroid test reflected that it is now normal.  Thank you so much for your product!!!   :)  --  G. Dynes, Gilbert, AZ   Return to Top of Page


"For several years now I have been quite tired. Each year I got worse. I started off having to spend one weekend day a month in bed, to spending one weekend day each week in bed, to both days in bed in order to make it through the week. I have a very high stress job, like many folks, and I was "running on empty". Every year I tried a new doctor trying to find out what was wrong. The last doctor I went to in February took more tests than the rest and still concluded that nothing was wrong.  

I had been getting copies of all my test results and upon leaving the last doctor's office I compared them. My thyroid levels had consistently dropped each year. The doctor did not compare the test, otherwise he would have caught that. However, I do not believe God wanted him to see it. If he had, he would have put me on thyroid medication and it could have taken up to six weeks or longer for me to regain my energy.  

Being very depressed over the situation upon returning to my office, I went to the internet, typed in "thyroid" and found your website. The next morning I called and ordered Thyodine. That was on a Wednesday. That Friday, March 28, I found my order had arrived. I took one Thyodine that evening. The next morning I woke up at 6:30 AM wide awake and mentally alert. I had not been up at 6:30 AM on a Saturday wide awake, much less mentally alert, in years".  --  Anonymous   Return to Top of Page


"On April 22, I had my thyroid retested. My thyroid function went from the very low "normal" to the high "normal" range. That evening in checking on my elderly aunt I found that she had a stroke earlier in the day. That meant long hours at the hospital and very little sleep for two weeks. Things have slowed down some, but my stress level is still high. If it had not been for the Thyodine I could not have made it. Even though I have often been tired, I have not been exhausted like before.

Plus, I lost 27 pounds from March 8 to April 22. Over the past five years I went on strict--but healthy--diets three times a year and lost no more than 8 pounds each time. This time I lost the weight and have not gained it back.  

I'm sold on the product. Thanks for being there---a very happy customer."  --  J.B, Montgomery, AL   Return to Top of Page


"My family and I have been plagued with medical problems that have been either ignored by our physicians or masked by drugs.  I know that you've heard it all before, but you are going to hear it again.  Symptoms: frozen to the bone, tired constantly, skin chunks that rip off when caught in clothing or on carpets, excessive weight--when you're used to weighing 125 lbs. now 247 lbs.,-- and voice almost totally lost!  E.N.T. says "is your thyroid functioning?" carpel tunnel syndrome and Orthopedic DR. says " is your thyroid working?"  Mood swings, and did I say excessive weight?  All these and more. That was before January 16, 2003.  On that date I took my first Thyodine.  One in the morning and one at night.  On the 17th I took my one in the morning and called a friend that afternoon.  'My God what happened, you got your voice back!!!'  I sometimes sit around without slippers on, I used to wear socks and slippers (fur lined) to keep my frozen feet warm.  And I have even lost 11 lbs.  The only thing I've changed in my life is taking the Thyodine pills!  My skin chunks on my hands and feet are clearing up, and I think I might like to stay living for a while!"  --  P. Ballard, Mazon, IL   Return to Top of Page


"I'm 22 years old and I have been suffering from hypothyroidism for 10 years. I gained an enormous amount of weight with my first child, about 75 pounds. I had all sorts of complications with the pregnancy, and was put on bed rest for 3 months... The worst has been the depression and the mood swings. Stress levels have been extremely high. I have been taking Thyodine for about 3 weeks and it's made an incredible difference. The depression has decreased greatly and I haven't experienced the mood swings since. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I feel that it will have an impact on that as well. In the past I would get so discouraged with diet and exercise. But with the depression at bay, I am feeling confident to try again! Thank you..."  -- E. K. Salt Lake City, UT   Return to Top of Page


"Thyodine is incredible. I am a semi-professional athlete, and my hypothyroid symptoms were causing me to be constipated, cold (93 degrees even after a marathon!), tired (34 bpm pulse), and unable to lose weight (I was at 140 lbs and I'm 5'6") depite a sensible diet an intense training regimen. Synthroid only gave me headaches, and then I tried Thyodine. All of my problems were solved in a month! I am regular, I am warm (97 degrees), and I lost 20 lbs in a month, and my resting pulse is now at 50 bpm, which is normal for an athelete. I finally feel alive again. Thank you!" -- D. Glosser Pittsburgh, PA       Return to Top of Page

"Thank you for sending me your product Thyodine!! I have taken a total of 4 pills over the last 48 hours. I noticed the last 2 nights that I have increased energy, in fact my energy level has doubled, and a lot less fatigue. Also, this morning I felt extremely rested on only 7 hours sleep. Before this morning, I had been experiencing morning grogginess and fatigue. No more exhaustion and no more ready for bed in the early evening.

I also noticed that I am urinating a lot. This must be an effect of Thyodine to remove bloating and excess fluid. I have felt bloated and my fingers have been swollen. However, in the past 48 hours my rings are feeling loose and one ring actually fell off tonight. Just started noticing this today after the 2 pills (total of 4 in the past 48 hours.)

I want to thank you for the fine quality of your product. In addition, I want to thank you for the timely manner in which you shipped Thyodine to me. I ordered Thyodine by internet on a Monday night and received it at my doorstep Thursday afternoon. I had expected it to take a month or two before experiencing results. Especially, since doing research on the internet about the symptoms of underactive thyroid. I seem to have the majority of the symptoms, lack of energy, fatigue, menstrual differences, sensitivity to cold (especially air conditioning), slow metabolism, lack of appetite, feeling like I had the flu, wanting to do things but not feeling physically up to it. I have done more since starting Thyodine then I had done in weeks. I feel up to pushing the baby stroller on long walks now.

Thank you again. God Bless The Green Willow Tree Company and your Staff!!!!!!!!!" -- M. Miller, Gettysburg, PA      Return to Top of Page

"As regards the Thyodine tablets themselves, I thought you may like to know how things have gone. My wife has had a variety of symptoms and problems that, from what we had read, we knew were related to her thyroid. Many visits to our GP followed, with no real progress. No medication was offered or real help gained. A friend recommended these tablets from your company. Since starting to take the tablets, she takes 3 per day, my wife noticed a change almost immediately for the better. Since then many of the symptoms have eased, these have included; improved hair growth, loss of excess weight, increased energy levels, much less pain during periods, much less water retention. [Thyodine has] made a real difference. Thank you again. " -- R. McGuinness, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, United Kingdom       Return to Top of Page

"Success doesn't begin to describe the results we are having. After doing some research on the subject we came to realize that my wife has been thyroid deficient since at least her teen years or earlier. She is experiencing "normal" for the first time in her life, and it is a joy for both of us."

"We will be long term customers..." -- JFN, Little Rock, AZ       Return to Top of Page

"I rate you an A+ for your thyroid site. Tell the staff that they are right on target with "fungi" in No. 21 of Q & A. IMPORTANT:

Suggest to customers to do a one-month test on a sugar-free, grain-free diet. I did this after I read "The Fungus Link" by Doug Kaufmann & Dave Holland, M.D. ( to test all of their fungus/hypothyroidism theories. I went to their seminar, too. I was on Synthroid then and since I was 10, I'm 54. After the diet, I hit the lab for the usual useless TSH, then saw the endocrinologist. Result?

Comparing my Feb. TSH lab report to July's, BIG improvement in July's. Physically, my lifetime sinusitis disappeared, I was breathing! Physically, despite remaining sedentary all June on the diet as a test, the doc's scale demonstrated I had lost 15 lbs.! The doc by this time was in a silent stupor, shocked out of his skin, degrees in 2 countries and he'd thought he'd seen everything. He used his finger to search my neck for my thyroid, left fingerprints all over it, couldn't find it, because:


The specialist stuttered in astonishment, "YOUR THYROID'S ACTIVE, HOW DID YOU DO IT?!"

How did I do it? I obeyed the "Phase I Diet" in the book, except for a 2-day binge on Oreo's (have since given up binge foods & gotten serious for healing). The simple diet included Natren brand "Healthy Trinity", the finest probiotic product in America (, kills fungus & pathogens in record time (used it later on a toothache which Aleve was NOT aleviating, worst pain of my life, stopped pain in 30 min. permanently), 1 cap daily. Also, took a 3 or 4 caps of Solaray brand "Yeast Cleanse" daily.

I didn't even mow the grass. I wanted a TRUE TEST of thyroid/metabolic function by itself. For 40+ years, dozens of doctors ignored my 100+ hypothyroid symptoms....and that was AFTER they'd prescribed that awful over-priced Synthroid.

Interestingly, not one had done a single legitimate thyroid test on me, much less all the tests. Just T-4 & TSH. Each doc in succession lamely trusted the previous doc and copied him. Natasha Trenev of Natren has said, "Doctors don't think for themselves anymore." Note, Natren is Nat Tren.

I am now on Armour Thyroid but since I can find no endocrinologist or anyone else to walk me though the steps of finding the correct dosage, I'm weaning myself off of it. I figure the diet will pick up the thyroid-slack but it it doesn't, there's your products.

Also, I've fired my former endocrinologist on the basis of the fact that I pay him to teach me, so how come I'm teaching him? Worse, I told him about this book. Came back once, asked if he'd read it. "No, don't want to." Seems he prefers sick overcharged patients to healed, active, slimmer, happier ex-patients.

I read 140 allopathic & naturopathic medical books + website. Decades of doctors made me so sick I ended up on S.S. Disability. One internist was so upset I refused her prescription choice of synthyroid in '97, she insisted in a loud patronizing voice in front of staff & patients, "YOU WILL BE DEAD IN 6 WEEKS!" I decided I can't do worse than they've done. The best revenge is HEALING! Your site was extremely supportive! I plan to be a customer. Thank you." -- Name and address withheld by request       Return to Top of Page

"I just wanted to write and THANK you for your WONDERFUL product. Since I was 11 years old (1975) I had a problem with yeast infections... every month until 2002 - at which time I had a full hysterectomy. Also in 1992, immediately after giving birth to my son, I went into menopause. I had the weight gain, mood swings, sweats, and more - also until 2002 which is actually why they performed the hysterectomy. In 1998 I had severe problems with my eyes that nearly caused temporarily blindness while I was driving and could have been lethal for me. I had no health insurance and went to ophthalmologists, optometrists, neurologists, endocrinologists and other specialists to try and track down the eye problems that were obviously related to the other problems of sleeping restlessly through the night EVERY night with only 4 hours of sleep, waking up bloated and a DIFFERENT weight EVERY day (in fact, I had 3 different sized wardrobes!), no concentration on my work, or my college studies, and I had absolutely no energy at all. I craved, and ate, fast food all the time because my lifestyle was busy despite my "laziness" and I was completely miserable!! ALL of the doctor's tests came back normal. Several of them suspected hypothyroidism but those tests came back normal as well. Despite my hysterectomy (which only stopped the yeast infections) the rest of the problems were still occurring daily. Just recently my heart started palpitating. It went from once per day to several times per day. I started researching the hypothyroidism and noticed I had nearly all of the symptoms and thought "the hell with the doctor's tests" and because Thyodine is all natural I had nothing to lose... instead I had a LIFE to GAIN!

I have taken Thyodine for 1 month now and I IMMEDIATELY started getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night! I have NOT craved or eaten fast food (for some reason it COMPLETELY grosses me out), my work is done ON TIME and my test scores in college are SUPERB and I can think and focus clearly. Since I started taking Thyodine, my heart palpitations stopped the FIRST DAY and my energy is so good that I walk 2 miles per day AND take Krav Maga Israelic self-defense classes! Needless to say that I have lost about 15 pounds and 11 inches around my hips and thighs! I am SO HAPPY and finally, at age 40 I have a life that I love!!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I love you GREEN WILLOW TREE!!!!" -- Darlene B., West Lake, TX      Return to Top of Page


The above are only a portion of the many testimonials that we have received for Thyodine. We could print more, but feel that these give a representative sample

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