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  1. Selenium


    Selenium is absolutely essential for proper thyroid function. One of its functions is to help the body convert the inactive form of thyroid hormone to the active form. Selenium may also have a protective effect against Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. We recommend using selenium if you are taking Prolamine Iodine; however it is no longer needed if you are taking Thyodine. Click on the following link to read an informative article on Interactions Between Selenium and Iodine.* (180 200 mcg. capsules of selenomethionine. Will last 6 months.) [For more information please see below.]

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  2. L-Tyrosine (NOW Foods)

    Tyrosine is essential for the production of thyroid hormone, and plays an important role in the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine. This product may also be helpful for weight loss through healthy metabolism, and for increased energy, mood enhancement, and mental clarity.* 120 500 mg. capsules. Take 1-3 capsules daily, preferably between meals with juice. [For more information please click on picture]

    "I must tell you about the amazing result to my illness that has baffled the doctors for many years. I have been taking L-Tyrosine for two weeks and feel like a new person, I had to give up my job due to extreme fatigue and Fibromyalgia, but since taking the above supplements I feel amazing. My husband and myself can not thank you enough. You have given me my life back." Lynne, Wales, UK

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  3. Thyroid Energy (NOW Foods)

    Thyroid Energy is a complete nutritional support for the thyroid gland. Unlike Thyodine, it contains no glandulars and is suitable for vegans. NOW® has combined Iodine (from Kelp) and Tyrosine, the two integral constituents of thyroid hormone, with the minerals Selenium, Zinc and Copper, to assist in production. In addition, NOW® Thyroid Energy contains Guggul Extract, an Ayurvedic herb known for its ability to support a healthy metabolism. 90 capsules, average dose 4/day.* [For more information please click on picture] Learn More
  4. Thyroid Glandular


    Our best selling product, THYROID COMPLEX, stimulates and supports the thyroid gland to make thyroid hormone. Some people with low thyroid (hypothyroid) have thyroid glands which cannot make thyroid hormone, or they have had their thyroid glands irradiated, or even removed.*
    These capsules, THYROID 130, (90 capsules per bottle, take 1-2 a day) contain 130 mg of dried (desiccated and lyophilized) raw (not an extract), pure bovine (beef) thyroid gland.
    This product is from a world leader in glandular products, Priority One Nutritional Supplements.

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    [After over 14 years of easing symptoms of "low thyroid", the manufacturer of THYODINE, DNA/RNA, has been forced by the FDA to remove it from the market. The issue has nothing to do with product safety.]

    This product from TRANSFORMATION ENZYMES is the closest we have found to THYODINE in formula. The component concentrations are a little different. Some of you may require additional L-Tyrosine, or Iodine. Customers are reporting good results versus Thyodine, so please try this instead. We recommend Thyodine customers use this like they did Thyodine.

    • Glandular Support. Thyroid Complex includes the glandulars thyroid concentrate, anterior pituitary, and hypothalamus to promote a balanced metabolic activity level and regenerative capabilities.*

    • Nutritional Support. This natural formula contains various vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B6, Zinc, and Copper known to be specific for thyroid health and includes SeaSel® Kelp for additional nutritional support.*

    • Enzyme Delivery System. The enzyme blend in this product has protease and a variety of polysaccharolytic enzymes for improved delivery of the natural ingredients as well as to promote optimum health benefits.* Health Benefits: Transformation’s Professional Protocol™ Thyroid Complex supplies safe and effective glandulars with herbs, enzymes, and nutrients to feed and fortify the thyroid, pituitary, and hypothalamus glands for maintaining optimal energy and metabolism.*

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  6. Iodine & Tyrosine

    A PRODUCT TO BOOST THYROID COMPLEX: a deficiency of either the amino acid, Tyrosine, or the mineral, Iodine, or both can contribute to low thyroid hormone levels.* Thorne's Iodine & Tyrosine offers essential mineral and amino acid support for the thyroid gland.* Studies have shown that L-tyrosine may be beneficial for individuals feeling fatigued, a common expression of low thyroid or adrenal hormone levels.* 60 capsules; take 1 per day. Learn More

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